V-CUBE Meeting

High-quality cloud-based
web conferencing service that boasts
high-definition video and high connectivity

V-CUBE Meeting


What Meeting Can Help You Achieve

Accelerate decision-making

Users can access web conference by simply connecting a PC or mobile device to the Internet. Accelerated decision-making process is essential for improving business results.

Multimedia communication

With video and audio coupled with file and data sharing, users can now effectively communicate with branches, overseas subsidiaries, offshore factories and other remote locations.

Significant reduction travel time and cost

Web conference is accessible from anywhere to significantly reduce time and commute and travel cost.

Effective information sharing

Simple share access URL to clients and partners and use audio, visual and document to remotely support all parties effectively.

Support various work-style

Adaptable to flexible working styles, allowing employees to work from home as though they are in the office. Simplify safety check and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) during emergency situations.


Safe, secure & top-notch quality

Safe, secure & high-quality

High definition image, auto-adjusting sound, smooth connectivity and minimal disruptions. V-CUBE Meeting's ease of use sets the bar high as web conferencing has never been this true to life.

Easy-navigation interface

Intuitive UI

Simple intuitive UI layout for easy accessibility, allowing high usability for all users.

Use from anywhere in the world

Global coverage

As long as internet connection is available, users can access web conference from anywhere in the world. Multi-language interface and English support is also available to ensure global coverage.

High accessibility for mobile Users

Mobile access

Download iOS/Android apps and join meetings through smartphones and tablets.

File-sharing and screen-sharing enabled

Document and desktop sharing

Audio and video are enabled with document and desktop sharing to allow visualization of data, help improve the effectiveness of meetings.

Use latest functions with no hassle

Latest features

As a cloud-based platform, network settings and maintenance are not necessary. Simply log in to use the latest version of the application.

Video conferencing sync-friendly

Video conferencing interoperability

Interoperable with Polycom HDX video conference system. Branches without video conference system and employees outside the office can participate in meetings via web conference. *Please consult sales regarding your video conference system.

Supports multiple endpoints and parties

Multiple endpoints

A web meeting with multiple endpoints (devices) where all parties can clearly see one another. Hold meetings where everyone, both within the country and abroad, can participate.



Customizable based on your needs. On-premise setup is also available.

Why Choose Us?

No. 1 market share in web conferencing market in Japan*

We have been the market share leader* in web conferencing for 13 consecutive years. It is evident that people continue to turn to us as their brand of choice.

*Source: Seed Planning, Inc. “2020 Video Conference/Web Conference Latest Market and Video Communication Equipment/Service Trends”

The #1 spot holder in web conferencing market share (Japan)

High security

ASP/SaaS Information Disclosure certified. Framework created to safeguard corporate security.

High security

Operation Support

Pre-checks the network environment to preemptively resolves any foreseeable issues. An established operation framework to fully support all users.

Consistent operational support

24/7 Tech Support

24/7 tech support provided post-installation. Our team is available any time to timely resolve any issues from customers.

24/7 Tech Support, 365 days a year

Service diversity

With V-CUBE One package, you will be able to freely access all of V-cube's services.

Diverse array of services

Free Trial and inquiries