Origin of V-cube

V-cube employees are the heaviest users of V-cube's service.
We will continue to keep our experience in mind as we move forward.

V-CUBE began its life as a web designing enterprise focusing on other enterprises back in my university days. We did not only excel at web design, we also developed a number of Internet-based services for customers in Japan. For example, we engineered and patented a technology that allows people to share information by collectively scribbling on a spreadsheet over the Internet. In some ways, we were ahead of even companies like Google and Yahoo with their Calendar apps. Everyone in the company was using it. We were a group of wellsprings for ideas.

The idea of web conferencing first came to us while undergoing the process of establishing a subsidiary in LA, California. Back then, we were struggling to find a way to establish a line of stable communication with our subsidiary. Making weekly trips there was simply not a viable option and installing a video conferencing system wasn't something we could easily afford. But where we lacked in funds we had an abundance of in skill. We decided to develop a web conferencing tool by ourselves instead.
At the time, ideas of improvement started hounding us as we began using our own service. And over a short period of time, our interface got much better which led us eventually to the point where we began offering it to other enterprises with similar communication issues. We first began offering the product "V-CUBE (Nice to Meet you)".

Even now, everyone at V-cube still uses V-CUBE (Nice to Meet You) to communicate with one another. Our goal is to deliver a product that we are the heaviest of users to customers. The purpose of our offering is not just to sell customer products.

All of us at V-cube will stay true with this concept as we move forward. And we welcome all customers to use our service as much as we do. This is our true purpose.