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SCENE 01Online Training / Dealer Training

Online Training is a training style that can be taken remotely through a PC or smartphone that incorporates LMS, Webinar/Web Conference, etc.

Even if the learner cannot attend the group training because of busy with their daily work, they can take online training through a PC/ smartphone/tablet when they can take time outside the working hours.

Online Training / Dealer Training

SCENE 02Online Discussion

Online Discussion is a sales method that uses ICT tools (communication tools) to promote online sales and business negotiations without having to meet customers directly.

Since there is no need to move to the customer’s location, it is possible to conduct business discussion even when both the sales side and the customer, or either of them work from home.

Online Discussion

SCENE 03Online Interview

Online interviewing is one of the hiring methods for interviewing job seekers using a PC or smartphone.

Interviews can be conducted even if the distance is long, which leads to reduction of travel time and transportation costs for job seekers, and it is also possible for companies to approach people who have difficulty in local areas and time.

Online Interview

SCENE 04Online AGM

In recent years, online shareholders' meetings have been attracting attention, where AGM, which used to be held onsite until now, is being replaced by online meetings.

In Japan, the current law does not allow complete online AGM, but hybrid online AGM, which is held halfway with on-site, has already begun to show cases.

AGM: Annual Gathering Meeting

Online AGM

SCENE 05Online Medical Treatment

Online medical care is a service that allows doctors and patients to communicate remotely and diagnose online.
It has the following advantages.

  • Waiting time for reception and accounting is shortened.
  • Consultation is available at home or on the go.
  • No risk of nosocomial or secondary infections.
Online Medical Treatment

SCENE 06Online Communication

Online drinking parties are one of the most popular communication methods in recent years, and they are used to activate communication between employees and acquaintances by having a drink and talking while having a video call.

Online Communication

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