Personal information protection policy

V-cube recognizes the importance of the personal information it has obtained and has established a system for the protection of such information. They include information on users of V-cube (hereinafter referred to as “this service”), a visual communication service provided by V-cube, on-line purchasers of V-cube, shareholders of V-cube, people who enquired about V-cube or applied for a job with V-cube and current employees of V-cube (hereinafter collectively known as “our customers”). We shall explain the way we manage personal information in this personal information protection policy.

1.Acquisition of personal information

In applying for the use of this service, V-cube requires a minimum amount of personal information from the customers necessary for the delivery of this service. Information includes the applicant’s name, telephone number, email address and credit card number (*) which customer can fill in by using the application form, send via email or through the form (hereinafter referred to as “input form”), on V-cube’s website.
In the event whereby V-cube receives enquiries about the company or applications for jobs within the company, V-cube shall obtain the minimum amount of personal information required for responding to enquiries or consideration of the applicants such as name, telephone number and email address, from the input form, email or other recruitment documents. V-cube shall not use the personal information for any purposes other than that stipulated in Clause 2.

※Customer’s credit card number is obtained only when customers have opted for payment by credit card.

2.Purposes for using personal information

1) Information on users of this service

a) For issue of quotation, conclusion of contract, delivery, request for costs and usage fees of this service
b) For after-sales service such as delivery, maintenance or improvement of this service
c) For delivery of information related to new products/service of this service
d) For advertisement, survey and market research used by V-cube’s partnering companies or organization
e) For the creation and use of statistical data containing information and log data related to records of use of this service, and information provided to V-cube when applying for this service (however, information specified by the individual shall not be included in the statistical data)
f) For cancelling the use of this service to users who have violated the terms and conditions of the use of this service such as late payment of usage fees, or cause damage to a third party.
g) For the viewing of usage status, viewing or revision of registration information related to the use of this service
h) For the management of enquires related to the use of this service
i) For confirmation of the identity of the person concerned

2) Information on shareholder or person who has made enquiries about V-cube

a) For shareholder management such as preparation of shareholder data as stipulated by law
b) For the implementation of various measures such as survey or shareholder preference scheme
c) For responding to enquiries

3) Information on people who have applied for jobs with V-cube through recruitment activities and employees of V-cube

a) For the selection of candidate
b) For the hiring procedures during recruitment
c) For notifying the various Ministries on matters pertaining to personnel management, human resource management

4) The reasons of sharing personal information with a foreign third party are:

a) To store personal information in a foreign third party’s cloud servers in which the services utilize those cloud server service
b) To share information defined in 3) above with a foreign affiliate company for the purpose of use described in 3) above

5) Information on use of V-cube on-line store

a) For confirmation of the identity of the person concerned
b) For developing or creating the suitable services and/or contents for on-line store users
c) For notice of information on service upgrade, sales campaign and other information of the services
d) For implementation of e-mail questionnaires regarding the services, improvement of V-cube on-line store, and implementation of campaign based on users’ needs
e) For improvement or evolution of the services and products based on users’ needs
f) For approval of the purchase of the services and products, and approval of download and access
g) For the management of enquires related to the use of this service
h) For providing after-sales services
i) For make a notification and contact

3. Provision of personal information to third party

V-cube shall not, with the exception of the following cases, disclose or provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of our customers.

1. Where it is approved by the person who is an owner of the personal information
2. Where it is required under the law
3. Where it is required for the protection of human lives, body or assets, or where it is difficult to obtain the consent of our customer
4. Where it is outsourced to a third party within the scope of the necessity to achieve the purpose of utilize of the personal information
5. Where it is transferred in case of merger, company split, business transfer or other reasons
6. Where it is required that government agencies, local municipal entities or consignee collaborate in enforcing an act stipulated by law, or where obtaining consent from our customer would obstruct the enforcement of the act stipulated by law or add to the possibility of its obstruction.
7. Where it is difficult to obtain the consent of our customer who has violated the terms and conditions of use of this service and V-cube recognizes that it is necessary to protect the rights and assets of V-cube or a third party and to ensure the seamless delivery of the service.
8. Where it is provided according to 2. 4) above


The input form contains a standard SSL encryption used in the industry to protect data transmission. V-cube shall implement reasonable and appropriate safety measures to protect personal information against losses, defamation, damage, revision, leakage or divergence to an external party as well as implement continual improvement measures.

5.Management of subcontractor

V-cube shall, within the scope that is required for delivery of the intended purposes of use, consign to an external party the management of personal information. However during the consignment, V-cube shall select a subcontractor that is evaluated to be capable of managing personal information appropriately. Furthermore, V-cube shall provide customers’ personal information to the subcontractor only when it is required for delivery of the intended purposes of use and bound the subcontractor to a contract that dictates the appropriate management of personal information. V-cube shall also conduct regular evaluations of the performance of the subcontractor.

6.Request for disclosure or revision of personal information and termination of its use

In the event that the customer request for disclosure or revision (revision, addition, or deletion) of personal information and termination (termination of use or delivery or deletion) of its use, V-cube shall verify with the requester appropriately and effect the change promptly. However, if the revision is made to address an error in the personal information held by V-cube, or if the termination of use will violate the contents of agreement or disclosure, separate requests can be submitted. For procedures on how to submit a request, please refer to “ Procedures on disclosure, revision and termination of usage matters

7.Adherence to laws about personal information protection

V-cube shall, as a company that handles important person information, adhere to the guideline, policy and other applicable laws created by the administrative agencies in accordance to personal information protection laws and other related laws.

8.Continual improvement of personal information protection management system

V-cube shall use the personal information appropriately and continually review and enhance the personal information protection management system in order to make it fool-proof.

9.Enquiry on the management of personal information and complaint channel

V-cube shall promptly attend to enquiries or complaints with regards to personal information management. Enquires and complaints on personal information management should be directed to the following.

Person in charge of personal information protection and management
V-cube, Inc.

NBF Plutinum Tower 16F, 17F, 1-17-3 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0072, Japan