Corporate Solutions

One-stop Solution.

Wizlearn Technologies is a one-stop e-learning and professional development hub for corporations.

Its services include providing internet-based e-Learning solutions, content and services to over 300 institutions in Asia.

The end-to-end suite of services supports clients in creating and maintaining the most appropriate solutions to meet their business and learning objectives.

Wizlearn is currently named by Deloitte, an international consulting firm, as a Technology Fast 500 Asia-Pac winner.

Key Benefits

Blended E-Learning Consultancy

We understand that every organization is unique. Hence we will recommend a blended design approach for your organization and learners that meet your needs. This is done through a consultative session through quantitative interviewing, gathering your needs, analysing your audiences and their working environment.

We use the following ADAPT approach to analyse, design and evaluate the blended approach that is best suited to your unique environment.


Analyze your organization business objective, training, learning objective, and target audience.

Define Key Drivers

What is the purpose of implementing a blended journey? Is it to improve productivity, reduce cost or for overseas expansion?

Assess Constraints

What are some of the challenges and constraints and how we can assist to overcome it.

Programme Delivery

What is the best ways to deliver the blended experience? How can we blend classroom, self-paced and learning on the go effectively for you?

Test and Implement

Are there automated tools that can help to smoothen out the roll out, monitoring and communication process?

Training & Performance Management

Wizlearn Training and Performance Learning Management System (LMS) enable you to track and monitor the learning performance of individual employees, departments, and the organization overall. The system is able to auto assigned Learning content to the targeted employees based on the job scope and competency to be attained in a few simple steps.

Administrators will be able to monitor the course completion rate easily. The systems include more than 50 e-Learning tools such as course builder, resource management, e-assessment and e-certification, allowing the creation or assimilation of learning content in a matter of minutes.

The system is also able to support real time learning via webinar, mobile App, on-demand or collaborative learning.

Workforce Engagement

As organisations becomes more globalised, it is increasing more difficult to facilitate communications and collaborations across business unit.

We believe communication is important in the whole learning paradigm and has built a series of collaborative tools to allow administrators, trainers and learners to collaborate seamlessly.

Our LMS is capable in supporting targeted group sharing, inclusive of 1-to-many or many-to-many sharing.

E-Learning Content Solutions

Our company has a team of Professional and fully Certified Learning Designers and Software Engineers to assist in deployment of effective LMS solutions and Blended/e-Learning content that is aligned to your business and learners needs.

We have successfully developed and launched many Level 1 to 4 e-Learning courseware (SCORM) that are deployed on a global, regional and/or local

Content developed are aligned to:

We have developed more than 5,000 courses and our e-Learning content solutions are deployed across many industries such as Retail, Construction, Insurance, Training, Healthcare, Sports, Hospitality, Security, Financial Institutions, Banks, Schools and Government Agencies and we have more than 50 templates for your selections.

Productivity Tools

Our LMS is integrated with productivity featured tools, such as resouce booking, attendance marking, e-survey and email templates that can be enabled upon request.


Our dedicated technical teams have years of experience in B2B integration. We have assisted various orgnaizations in integrating their backend systems with our Learning solutions.