Mission Statement

Corporate philosophy

Our aim is to help improve modern human society by creating new values through the use of information technology.


V-cube is created as a vehicle to make visuals visible (accessible) to everyone, especially to those who aren’t physically present. This is how our corporate slogan, “V-cube, your visual communication vehicle provider”, was coined.

The constant development of faster planes, trains and automobiles has allowed for long distance traveling to be covered in less time than before. But this does not negate the need of time and money for traveling.
Visual communication is the kind of information technology that allows audio, visual and multimedia contents to be share with people even in the most remote locations.
The visual communication services we provide consist of all the latest technologies and concepts, creating the ultimate telepresence experience for users.
Through our services, we look to create the seamless communication solution to revolutionize the way in which people conduct business and daily life thus making the world a more effective place.

Being the leader of the visual communication market, we look to become an integral part of the public communications infrastructure, contributing to issues such as "world economy, environmental changes and world peace"; while in the process of being one of the world's No.1 service company.

Furthermore, as a basic stance, everything we do will further our endeavor of building a prosperous society everywhere in the world. We do this by creating new values that are inline with the interests of our stakeholders, offering the best services and ultimately becoming the V-cube that everyone loves.

Naoaki Mashita
Chairman & Group CEO (Founder)
V-cube, Inc.