V-cube Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary: New Company MISSION & VALUES Established

Oct. 16, 2018

V-cube Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary:
New Company MISSION & VALUES Established

V-cube Co. (‘V-cube’, Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Naoaki Mashita) has celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 16, 2018. The support from their clients and stakeholders has truly helped them grow over the 20 years. In 2013 the company was listed with Mothers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in 2015 it was listed on the First Section. To boost the further development of the company, V-cube has established its new company mission and values.

Provide Even Opportunity to Everybody

Stay Gold
Make Happiness

[V-cube’s Background and Views of the Future]
V-cube’s primary goal, when Mashita first started the company during his time in university in 1998, was ‘Creating new values and achieving an affluent society by effectively using the latest ICT’. The foundation of V-cube’s Visual Communication Solutions was first built in 2003 when it established its subsidiary in the US. During this period, ‘boundaries of space and time’ was a major issue, hence a system to resolve this problem, which later came to be known as the core product of V-cube’s Visual Communication Solutions, was invented. As V-cube’s Visual Communication Solutions spread across Japan and Asia, not only did it benefit organizations, it also provided solutions to many social issues. ‘Boundaries of space and time’ can cause inequality in society. Living in rural area can lead to less job opportunities. Chronic commuter rush or a temporary fall in workforce due to maternity leave or elderly care can have an impact on an organization’s productivity. Limited access to educational programs and advanced medication are also forms of inequality. Extreme concentration of population and industry in city area, declining birthrate and aging population, low labor productivity, long working hours, educational and healthcare gaps are actual issues that Japan faces in modern society caused by ‘boundaries of space and time’. V-cube has tackled these issues by developing new services and has been working hand in hand with various partners.

The Japanese Government has begun to promote work-style reforms and to change regulations to allow remote-meetups such as telemedicine. V-cube will make full use of its technology to support these practices. At the same time, other countries in Asia are facing their own social issues. V-cube is working towards solving these issues with its Visual Communication Solutions and the knowledge it possesses based on the successful implementations it had in Japan.

V-cube is determined to demolish the ‘boundaries of space and time’ to achieve ‘Provide Even Opportunity to Everybody’, a society where opportunities are evenly provided to all. As a leading Visual Communication Solution Provider, V-cube thrives to become something more than just a web conference system provider. It will also provide changes and innovation to the work and lifestyle through effective communication.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, V-cube has created a website consisting of details of its new mission and values and the history of the company.

URL: https://jp.vcube.com/20th

V-cube will continue to provide Visual Communication Solutions for ‘Provide Even Opportunity to Everybody’.

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