V-cube Group is Domestic Web Conference Market Leader for 11 Consecutive Years

Mar. 29, 2018

V-cube Group is Domestic Web Conference Market Leader
for 11 Consecutive Years

V-cube Co. (“V-cube”, Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Naoaki Mashita) has been recognized as the market leader for both “ASP (SaaS)” and “ASP (SaaS) + SI (On-premise)” in a web conference market research published by Seed Planning, Inc. on March 26, 2018. This made V-cube the domestic web conference market leader for 11 consecutive years.

Since 2004, when V-cube first began to provide its Visual Communication Services, its objective was to improve efficiency of telecommunication. Since after the work-style reform law had been enacted in Japan in 2017, Visual Communication Services have been attracting a great deal of attention due to its potential in improving business productivity.

V-cube sees this change as an opportunity to further commit to society by implementation of its solutions as a communication infrastructure. At the same time, V-cube has created its new slogan; “Change Japan Through Telework”. In addition to the provision of its web conference system, V-cube has also commenced provision of remote working environment in the form of “Tele-Cube”.

V-cube’s solutions are becoming more than an online meeting tool for its clients. Daily operational work such as sales, customer support and interviews are being conducted online via V-cube’s solutions. In the manufacturing and construction industry, it allows technicians to remotely support staff posted on-site to conduct technical maintenance and serves as a communication tool during crises and emergencies. In education, it can provide solutions for collaborative and remote learning, and in healthcare, it assists doctors to conduct telemedicine visits. Not only are V-cube’s solutions changing work-style, it is also beginning to serve a part in people’s lifestyle.

V-cube provides 24/7 customer support and optimized back-end environment to serve its clients with the best solutions. It will continue to support Japan’s work-style and lifestyle reforms and work towards achieving an affluent society.

[About V-cube]
V-cube provides Visual Communication Services to support organizations with “work-style reforms”. It is recognized as the domestic market leader for web conference system (SaaS) for 11 consecutive years. Its web conference and webinar systems make diverse working style achievable by allowing communication to take place at any time, from anywhere, by anyone. It thrives to become a leading company to bring change and innovation to work-style, education, healthcare and lifestyle.