V-cube and Microsoft Japan collaborate in cloud business

Feb. 2, 2016

V-cube and Microsoft Japan collaborate in cloud business
~ Drive workstyle innovation through visual communication ~

V-cube, Inc. (Head Office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO & President: Naoaki Mashita) and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hirano Takuya) announce to collaborate in cloud business. V-Cube and Microsoft Japan connect each cloud platform and work together for accelerating workstyle innovation through visual communication (*1) services.
*1. Visual Communication refers to communication via audio and video with remote locations through video or web conference.

In this new partnership, V-cube will integrate its visual communication services “V-CUBE” with Microsoft’s “Office 365”, targeting to provide them from February, 2016. At the same time, V-cube will migrate its system infrastructure to Microsoft’s cloud platform, “Microsoft Azure”, from the current “Amazon Web Services”. From now on, V-cube will expand its businesses not only in the Japan market but also APAC markets, as providing newly developed solutions which leverage connectivity between Microsoft Japan and V-CUBE services.

[Background and purpose]
As the IT industry technology advances, the use of cloud services is expanding rapidly in Japan, where on-premises IT products were once dominant IT products. The market for visual communication especially referred to video or web-based conferences, due to the advancement of audio and video technology, has also evolved to be no longer limited to utilizing conference products between branches within an enterprise, but enabling communication use with the purpose of internal training or seminar, remote sales, remote support etc,. For enterprise and various organization, this means not only they can increase efficiency and productivity, but also bring innovation to work-style innovation with more effective and flexible communication and information sharing.

As the number of users of visual communication increases, V-cube and Microsoft Japan therefore announce to work together in various styles of service collaboration to offer a value added cloud service to innovate people’s work-style.

[Business Summary]
1.Migrating V-cube’s system to Microsoft Azure
In order to develop V-CUBE solutions which utilize the latest features of Office 365, V-cube announces to migrate its infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, a platform of high stability and strong cloud backbone. This allows meeting the various customers’ needs, such as establishing private cloud with dedicated lines and creating hybrid network environment with customers’ owned data center connection.

2.Providing V-CUBE and Office 365 collaborated solutions
Utilizing Microsoft’s cloud authentication infrastructure, “Azure Active Directory”, it enables user single sign-on from Office 365 to V-CUBE and also allow users to manage web conference and webinar schedules from Outlook.
[Advantages of Collaborated Solution]

-Reservation, invitation and scheduling of V-CUBE Meeting can be accessed from Outlook
-Automatic scheduling input to Outlook for meetings and internal trainings organized via V-CUBE Meeting and V-CUBE Seminar services. Even for webinars with a large number of audience, the schedule will be shared automatic with individual users thus simplifying the processes for administration.

For details of the collaborated solution, please click the URL below:

It should be noted that, in the appeal of this collaborated solutions, excavation and matching of appropriate customer needs is essential. Accordingly, we would like to start offering this solution, as strategically collaborate with Softbank Commerce & Service Corp, which familiarizes with both Microsoft Japan and V-cube products and solutions, also focuses on providing cloud services.
Upon collaboration of this time, we have received the following comments from Softbank Commerce & Service Corp.

“Softbank Commerce & Service Corp sincerely welcomes the collaboration of Microsoft Japan and V-cube. We expect great value from two companies’ collaboration, taking advantage of "Office 365" and "V-CUBE". As a distributor, we look forward to promoting this joint solution with partners nationwide and engage customers to help accelerate the innovation of work-style and enhancement of productivity.”

Softbank Commerce & Service Corp.
ICT Business Director Shoichi Takase

[Future Business Plans]
Both Microsoft Japan and V-cube aim to create new value to further expand and improve services by collaborating advanced technology, utilizing Microsoft’s high-level analysis technology and initiating the technical verification of the new solution offering. From now on, V-cube looks to use Microsoft’s “Microsoft Translator” to automatically enable multilingual communication, and “Cortana Analytics Suite” to provide solutions in the mechanics learning sector. Moreover, V-cube will also develop and provide V-CUBE services for Windows 10 when focusing on providing services which are designed to be used for various devices

[About V-cube]  https://jp.vcube.com

V-cube provides visual communication services to enterprise by enabling audio and video communication between remote locations. V-cube’s main web conference and webinar solutions have dominated the Japan SaaS web conference market as No. 1 market share for 8 consecutive years. V-cube’s Visual Communication is not only applicable for internal meetings, it also help customers with training, education, etc,.

[About Microsoft Japan]  http://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/
Microsoft Japan is the company in Japan for Microsoft Corporation Group. Microsoft is a leading company in the platform and productivity in the world of mobile first and cloud first. Its corporate mission is to "Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more".

Microsoft Japan, based on the corporate mission, aims to be “A company that provides cloud and devices which are innovative, friendly, assuring, and willing to use”.