V-cube presents the all-new low-cost videoconferencing system, V-CUBE Box

Oct. 1, 2015

V-cube presents the all-new low-cost
videoconferencing system, V-CUBE Box

〜Simplistic operation via remote controller and easily connectible with mobile devices as well as pre-existing
videoconferencing systems〜

V-cube, Inc. (HQ: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Naoaki Mashita, hereon as V-cube) presents V-cube Box, a highly accessible videoconferencing system designed for use in the boardroom to be released in mid-October. An inexpensive solution compared to other videoconferencing systems in the current market, it smoothly connects multiple endpoints for meetings and discussions, with straightforward operation via a remote controller. It implements the video and audio technologies behind the success of V-CUBE Meeting, the product that enabled V-cube to lead domestic market shares for eight consecutive years (*1). V-CUBE Box can be implemented with high definition video conferencing systems and it connects with PCs, tablets and smartphones. File-sharing akin to what is practiced in web conferencing is also possible. With its ability to inter-connect with pre-existing videoconferencing systems (a feature to be released within the year), it is highly recommended to those already equipped with a videoconferencing system but wish to expand its use, those seeking to replace their system, and those who prefer to have a system set up in their boardroom instead of through the PC.

V-CUBE Box Main Features]
(1) Affordable, simple set-up process and enables connection to more than 100 endpoints
A fraction of the cost of videoconferencing systems currently in the market. To use, simply connect to a boardroom monitor and Internet cable. Unlike traditional videoconferencing systems, it connects to over 100 endpoints without requiring an MCU or a dedicated line.

(2) File-sharing and remote control operation
A simple and accessible interface, files and screens can be shared between all connected endpoints. Buttons on the remote controller are minimal to keep operation simple, enabling meetings to commence with a single button click.

(3) Connection via PCs, smartphones and tablets enabling meetings to be joined from anywhere
Connections to meetings from external locations without V-CUBE Box can be made through a specially-designed application.

(4) Low management and 24/7 customer support creating a reassuring usage environment
V-CUBE box session reservation for meetings are managed through a web control panel. Moreover, V-cube provides 24/7 customer support, which allows subscribers to safely use our services.

■Why V-CUBE Box was developed
Videoconferencing is used more often in boardroom meetings while web conferencing is used mostly in situations where convenience is key. There has always been a clear divide between the two in business communication settings. By enabling inter-connection between web conferencing and videoconferencing systems, V-cube has devised a way that both updates a business’ resources and maximizes the potential of its pre-existing assets. With the quick advancements video and audio technologies are making on web-based platforms, a number of videoconferencing users who feel restricted by its slower pace of development formed a demand for a system that “is easy to manage with high maximization values,” while also “encompassing the convenience of file-sharing in web conferencing” but “keeping the intimacy afforded by videoconferencing”. V-CUBE Box was thus born from this with a design that contains the best of both worlds and a price that is affordable.

[V-CUBE Box equipment]
・videoconferencing system (with warranty attached)
・remote controller

[V-CUBE Box release]
・Mid-October 2015

*Seed Planning, Inc.
(2015 Video Conferencing/Web Conferencing/Audio Conferencing/Latest market trend for UC-related products)