V-Cube launches Free Corporate Text Chat Service

Nov. 11, 2014

V-Cube launches Free Corporate Text Chat Service
〜Safe usage environment with enriched administrative functions required for enterprises〜

V-cube, Inc. (Headquartered: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Naoaki Mashita) launched Free Corporate Text Chat Service called “V-CUBE Gate” on 11st November 2014. “V-CUBE Gate”, implemented with enriched administrative functions including user and log controls, is a service with a high security system required by corporations. V-CUBE Gate can be accessed not only via smart phones and tablet terminals but also personal computers which are mostly used at work. At the same time, the supported languages, including not only Japanese but also English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian, help communication with overseas corporations. V-cube recommends the V-CUBE Gate to our existing and new customers.

Individual chat services and message applications have been widely used, owing to the function enabling real-time communication. However, the administrators, including the Information System Department of many corporations had to defer the implementation of chat services and message applications, due to unmanageable user administration and a concern over security. The lack of a system which would assess the usage situations including the transmission of information/data and company secrecies was a main cause for passing up chat services and message applications.

“V-CUBE Gate” has been developed and utilised by V-cube, which has the largest share in Japan’s Visual Communication Service market, for the purpose of streamlining and speeding up communication in its own business work. The challenges that have been achieved in the business operation of V-cube in the past year have been applied and maximized in V-CUBE Gate, which guarantees safety and easy access to administrators.

“V-CUBE Gate” enables administrators to comply with the company security policies including user registration/deletion, and still maintain flexibility in a communication range, such as the communication with the restricted connections including subcontractors, business partners, affiliated companies and group businesses. V-CUBE Gate features the sharing of files including Word, Excel and Power Point used in business. Moreover, V-CUBE Gate, when seamlessly linked to Web Conference service “V-CUBE Meeting”, and combined with visual communication with sound, image and information in addition to text, can provide a variety of communication styles to match your objective and situations. The supported languages include Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian. In the future, the linkage to Web Seminar Service “V-CUBE Seminar” and the implementation of Cloud Service “SoftLayer” provided by IBM will enable more expanded utilisation in global environment.

[Main functions]
(1) User, organization, chat group administration
User registration, shelf registration, change, deletion/grouping & user registration to subject group/project grouping and control crossing multi organizations
(2) Log control
The log storage period available for chats and uploaded files are unlimited and searching is also available.
(3) IP address restriction and device session control
Set-up which allows access only from specific IP addresses. Log-in can be stopped from specific terminals.
(4) Application set-up
Transmittable files can be restricted for the prevention of information leak
(5) Web Conference service links
Web Conference service can be linked, for achieving communication which matches your objectives and contents.

[Main features]
- Free usage
- Administrative functions including department/user and log control and IP restriction required for in-corporation use.
- Accessible from PC, smart phones and tablet terminals
- Seamless linkage with the “V-CUBE” service
- Supported languages include not only Japanese but also English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesia
For details, visit (http://www.vcube.com/service/gate/)