Announcement for completion of Pioneer Solutions, Inc.’s subsidiary acquisition

May. 7, 2014

Announcement for completion of Pioneer Solutions, Inc.’s subsidiary acquisition

V-cube, Inc. (headquarter: Tokyo Meguro-ku, President & CEO: Naoaki Mashita, from hereon referred to as V-cube), based on an agreement reached with Pioneer Solutions (headquarter: Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi, President & CEO: Hara Kiyoshi, from hereon referred to as Pioneer Solutions) on 2014/03/24, has acquired shares of Pioneer Solutions thus completing the subsidiary acquisition on 2014/05/01. We would also like to announce that name of Pioneer Solutions will be changed to “Pioneer VC, Inc. (from hereon referred to as PVC).

For V-cube, one of the growth strategies is to “meet the communication needs and topics of each industry, and offer even better and easier to use industry-specific services”, through subsidiary acquisition with the No.1 on-premise web conference system by Pioneer Solutions, Inc. allows the enablement of dedicated communication solutions for automobile manufacturing, design and education industry. Integrating V-cube’s market share No.1 cloud technology and Pioneer Solutions’ leading technology of high quality document sharing and audio/video streaming will both parties to strengthen competitive advantage and expand market reach.

Moreover, Additionally, one other growth strategy is to “expand overseas business operation”, thus using V-cube’s overseas infrastructure and professional network, Pioneer Solutions can have the opportunity to bring its business to other countries around the APAC region.

■Pioneer VC, Inc. (Corporate Summary)
Name : Pioneer VC, Inc. (PVC)
Location : Meguro Yamanote Place 3F, 2-10-11 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established : July 1st, 2005
Capital : JPY 490,000,000 -
Main Business : Development and offering of visual communication tool
Offering of visual communication services to automobile manufacturers,
design and education sectors
Board of Directors :
Hara Kiyoshi  CEO
Mashita Hiroyuki  SVP(V-cube executive)
Kohashi Eiji  Director
Mashita Naoaki  Non-executive Director (V-cube CEO)
Okawa Nariyoshi  Non-executive Director (V-cube CFO)
Kamezaki Yosuke  Non-executive Director (V-cube CTO)
Kawajiri Kunio  Non-executive Director(Pioneer MD)
Takada Masaya  Auditor(V-cube Executive Director)
URL : http://pioneer.vcube.com/

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