V-CUBE Service Update Notice

Oct. 7, 2013

V-CUBE Service Update Notice

V-CUBE will update its mobile application “V-CUBE Mobile”, used for V-CUBE Meeting and V-CUBE Sales & Support as of Oct. 7th, 2013. Updates such as layout changes and enhanced echo-canceller feature, look to make communication through mobile devices simpler and more flexible for enterprise users.

[Targeted product]
V-CUBE Mobile Ver. 2.5.0

[Main update]
■Layout change when using mobile application for V-CUBE Meeting:
- Enlarged display with viewing only participants.
- When displaying both whiteboard and participants’ videos, participants’ video display is changed from one column to 2x2 layout. Also, users can choose where to display these videos.

■Layout change when using mobile application for V-CUBE Sales & Support:
- customer (support recipient) can choose where to display his/her own video.

■iOS end-points echo canceller enhancement
- Voice quality is improved. Internal microphone or external earphone can be used to enjoy clear voice quality during web meetings. (*1)

(*1) When echo canceller feature is enabled, push-to-talk feature cannot be used.
V-CUBE will continue to develop and provide new features to better support our customers.

What is V-cube?
V-cube is a service that can be used anywhere in the world so long as you are equipped with webcam, headset, and connected to the Internet. Since there is no troublesome installation of dedicated software required, anybody can easily access V-cube service. This includes a combination of features such as virtual whiteboard, document sharing, recording of meetings as well as corporate-level high security. In addition, with our 24/7 customer call center, operation instruction sessions and so on, the support system is also well equipped.