V-CUBE Service Update Notice

Jul. 26, 2013

V-CUBE Service Update Notice

As of 07/26/2013, to lower the burden and increase flexibility for enterprise customers, V-CUBE will be updating its web conference service, V-CUBE Meeting.

■Target Services
V-CUBE Meeting Ver.
V-CUBE Document Ver.
V-CUBE Sales & Support Ver.

■Main Update Features
(1) Using CSV file format, user shelf registration is now available.

(2) Contact information entered for invitation email can be stored in address book.

(3) Automatically extension of meetings can be disabled.

- When this feature is switched on, meetings will stop at the scheduled finish time

(4) Message displayed during meetings are increased.
- PIN code for using V-CUBE mobile, inside invitation dialogue is available
- Show meeting host
- Participant list when entering or exiting the meeting
- New message added to “suggest” feature

(5) Increased password strength when saving meeting memo

V-CUBE will continue to improve its service for customers’ convenience, now and always.