Nikkei BP Agency [5th Cloud Ranking] V-CUBE receives “Best Service Award”

Oct. 9, 2012

Nikkei BP Agency [5th Cloud Ranking]
V-CUBE receives “Best Service Award”

Developer and provider of Web-conference, Webinar and other visual communication services that can be used “anytime, anywhere, anybody”, V-cube, Inc. (headquarter: Tokyo Meguro-ku, President & CEO: Mashita Naoaki), has been granted the “Best Service Award” (General Information SaaS Department) in the “5th Cloud Ranking” independently selected by Nikkei Computer and IT-pro for three of its services: V-CUBE Meeting, V-CUBE Seminar, and V-CUBE Document. Since three years ago, this is the 4th consecutive round that V-CUBE is granted this award.

[Summary of “5th Cloud Ranking"]
・Main election entity: Nikkei BP Agency (headquarter: Tokyo, President: Nagada Kohei)
・Election date: 2012-10-09
・General name of award: “5th Cloud Ranking”
・Name of elected field: “Best Service Award (General Information SaaS Department)

For details, please visit (http://itpro.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/NEWS/20120924/424664/))

The “5th Cloud Ranking” was set up by the collaboration of Nikkei Computer and IT-pro of the IT General Media in Nikkei BP Agency. To accomplish “best brand” for vendors that are expecting to become leaders in the cloud era, vendors should consider services that can be easily migrated to cloud service as “best service”, and aim to follow the guidelines of users after entering the cloud computing market.

The Best Brand is chosen based on an effective questionnaire that was answered by 6232 people whom were asked to state their perspectives of each company in terms of recognition, technical capability, and reliability. The 5th Cloud Ranking represents the 14 selected “Best Brands” among the 200 Cloud related business development vendors.

The Best Service is determined based on a research questionnaire where 208 vendors are inquired of 26-43 items within the 349 Cloud related specifications. Evaluation emphasizes on the likelihood of Cloud, transferability of existing system, and level of information disclosure as standard code of conduct. For “Best Service”, the 7 departments including 1) Cloud-based Service (IaaS/PaaS), 2) General Operational SaaS, 3) General Informational SaaS, 4) Industry specific SaaS, 5) Public Cloud Introductory Support Service, 6) Private Cloud Structure Support Service, 7) Datacenter, 7 departments out of 49 services were selected.

Cloud Ranking Award is first announced in September 2010, second in March 2011, third in September 2011, forth in February 2012, and this is the fifth.

[What is V-cube]
V-cube is a service that can be used anywhere in the world so long as you are equipped with webcam, headset, and connected to the Internet. Since there is no troublesome installation of dedicated software required, anybody can easily access V-cube service. This includes a combination of features such as virtual whiteboard, document sharing, recording of meetings as well as corporate-level high security. In addition, with our 24/7 customer call center, operation instruction sessions and so on, the support system is also well equipped.
V-cube's product lineup is, V-CUBE meeting (Web-Conferencing), V-CUBE Seminar (up to 10,000 simultaneous base points for hosting webinars), V-CUBE Document (accomplishing energy saving), V-CUBE Voice (audio conference system via normal telephone line), V-CUBE Sales & Support (one on one highly interactive communication), V-CUBE Video (making it possible to access on-demand corporate and product introduction), and V-CUBE Portal (management of all V-cube contents). Our system is now used by 3,000 enterprise customers in Japan alone.

■V-cube, Inc.
・Company name : V-cube, Inc.
・Address : 20F, Nakameguro GT Tower, 2-1-1 Kami-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
・President & CEO : Naoaki Mashita
・Date of foundation : October 1998
・Description of business: Development and sales of visual communication tools
・URL: http://www.vcube.co.jp/(Corporate Site)
http://www.nice2meet.us/ (V-CUBE Service Site)

V-cube, Inc., PR & Marketing Department
TEL:03-5768-3308 FAX:03-5501-9676 E-mail: release@pj.vcube.co.jp