Pioneer VC began offer easy and economical collaborative learning solution, “xSync Stick”

Apr. 22, 2015

Pioneer VC began offer easy and economical collaborative learning solution,
“xSync Stick”

Pioneer VC INC (HQ: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hara Kiyoshi, from hereon referred to as PVC) plans to release an easy and economical collaborative learning solution “xSync Stick” in later half of June, 2015. PVC offers remote learning and collaborative learning solution with the concept of “bringing collaborative learning solutions to all schools”. Its remote learning and collaborative learning solution, “xSync” has become a major part of many schools in Japan. “xSync Stick” is a small and mobile PC integrated with “xSync” software which allows simple plug-and-play features for projectors and large monitor screen without PC server and the hassle of installing services. The “xSync Stick” has a user-intuitive interface and is able to connect to any devices and OS like windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Pioneer VC began offer easy and economical collaborative learning solution, “xSync Stick”

[Main Features/advantages]
- Integrated with specialized and user-intuitive collaborative learning software, “xSync Standard”
- Plug-and-play features for large projectors and monitor screens
- Uses computer stick of Intel Corporation, stable operations and on-the-go mobile features
- Works with any device and OS (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
- No PC server required, direct input from HDMI

[Development Story]
The Ministry of Education of Japan recently began advocating the importance of “Information Literacy” as the next step for education. As a result the “Digitalization of Education” with ICT became a new goal for education. In the 2009 “School New Deal” policy, digitalized education with interactive white boards and dedicated devices for students became a new concept in education. Additionally, in “The 2nd Education Promotion Plan” in June 2013, a goal to implement interactive white boards for all classrooms in Japan was announced; in other words this is to promote the “digitalization of education”.
PVC specializes in the utilization of tablets and solutions for collaborate learning as well as interective white boards and solutions for projectors and large size monitors. With this expertise, PVC developed a simple and economical solution for the education sector.

We received the following endorsement for the new product release:

■Intel Corporation
Intel is very excited that PVC has decided to release the xSync Stick featuring the Intel® Compute Stick. Intel® Compute Stick is a palm size computer that can be used as a desktop PC, as well as a next generation collaborative learning tool in the education market. Intel has complete confidence in PVC’s expertise with the education industry and is looking forward to the releasing this new product. Combining rich features of the Intel® Compute Stick with the solution capability provided by PVC, we strongly believe that we can resolve various challenges we are facing in the education market, and deliver the best optimized solutions.

Intel K.K.
2nd Regional Sales Group
Compute & Embedded Sales Dept
Senior Sales director
Kunio Akaike

*Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.
*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
For information about Intel Compute Stick, please visit: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/compute-stick/intel-compute-stick.html

[What is “xSync”]
“xSync (bi-sync)” is a platform and application for collaborative learning. Integrated with classroom interactive white boards and dedicated student devices, it allows real-time image and data transfer. In order to create an interactive learning environment that encourages sharing of original ideas and fast feedback on learning contents. PVC looks to bring the Japan market top share education solution to all classrooms around the world.

[What is Pioneer VC?]
Pioneer Solutions Corporation formed a capital alliance with V-cube, Inc. on May 1, 2014, and merged into Pioneer VC INC.
Pioneer VC INC will continue to resource educational fields and corporations with “its visual collaboration system for creating new values to its customers”