Announcement for basic agreement of subsidiary acquisition of Pioneer Solutions, Inc

Mar. 24, 2014

Announcement for basic agreement of subsidiary acquisition of Pioneer Solutions, Inc


V-cube (headquarter: Tokyo Meguro-ku, President & CEO: Naoaki Mashita) is pleased to announce the subsidiary acquisition of Pioneer Solutions, Inc. (headquarter: Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi, President & CEO: Kiyoshi Hara), original 100% subsidiary of Pioneer, Inc. (headquarter: Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi, President & CEO: Susumu Kotani).

Background and Future Plans

V-cube offers its visual communication services to 4000 enterprise customers including enterprises, government and education sectors; and currently holds the No.1 share in the SaaS web conference in Japan. On the other hand, Pioneer Solutions offers distant communication system to automobile manufacturer and design field and plans, develops and offers solution focused on using the electronic blackboard for domestic education market. Pioneer Solutions’ services hold the No.1 share in the On-premise web conference in Japan.

Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. "New Market of Software Business, 2013"

For V-cube, one of the growth strategies is to “meet the communication needs and topics of each industry, and offer even better and easier to use industry-specific services”, through subsidiary acquisition with the No.1 on-premise web conference system by Pioneer Solutions, Inc. allows the enablement of dedicated communication solutions for automobile manufacturing, design and education industry. Integrating V-cube’s extremely flexible cloud technology and Pioneer Solutions’ leading technology in document and audio/video streaming allows both parties to strengthen competitive advantage and expand market reach.

Additionally, one other growth strategy is to “expand overseas business operation”, thus using V-cube’s overseas infrastructure and professional network, Pioneer Solutions can have the opportunity to bring its business to other countries around the APAC region. Moreover, V-cube’s 24 hour support center is available to provide visual communications service in and outside of Japan.

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