V-CUBE Service Update Notice

Nov. 28, 2014

V-CUBE Service Update Notice

V-cube updated V-CUBE services including Web Conference Service, “V-CUBE Meeting” on November 28, 2014. As a result, the information shared in the conference can be copied to a personal whiteboard, and the contents written by using the “Personal Whiteboard Function” (which enables each participant to prepare his/her own minutes and/or memos), can be saved in personal storage in the Cloud and/or in a PDF file in his/her own personal computer. In addition to the existing use case, the updated service enables the saved contents to be used as record as a way to promote paperless environment.

- V-CUBE Meeting Ver.
- V-CUBE Document Ver.
- V-CUBE Sales & Support Ver.

[Main Updates]
The updates for each product are shown below.

■V-CUBE Meeting, V-CUBE Document
- The information shared in a conference can be copied to a personal whiteboard, and the minutes and memos prepared can be saved in a PDF file by using “Personal Whiteboard Function”.

The updates for other products under the “V−CUBE One” are shown below.

■V-CUBE Meeting
- Available conference rooms are set up per user in advance, which helps a user to book or use a conference room without being confusing processes.

V-cube aims to materialize the visual communication environments where numerous communication environments including video conference systems, telephone conferences, PC, smart phones and tablets are all interconnected, and continue to improve user-friendliness of our customers.

What is V-cube?
V-cube is a service that can be used anywhere in the world so long as you are equipped with webcam, headset, and connected to the Internet. Since there is no troublesome installation of dedicated software required, anybody can easily access V-cube service. This includes a combination of features such as virtual whiteboard, document sharing, recording of meetings as well as corporate-level high security. In addition, with our 24/7 customer call center, operation instruction sessions and so on, the support system is also well equipped.