V-CUBE Meeting

Free text chat service for enterprise
to communicate safely
with high level of security


Service Features

Service Features

"V-CUBE Gate" is a free text chat service for enterprise.
Providing full range of management features required by corporate use such as user and log management, enterprise can safely implement this service with high level of security.

- No setup or monthly fee
- Offers management features such as user and log management, restriction of IP addresses
- Supports not only English, but also Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian
- Compatible with Windows PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets and wide range of devices
- Seamlessly connect to other V-CUBE services

Expected Effect

  • Speed up business and decision-making by using high immediacy of communication
  • Improvement of communication and information sharing for internal and external
  • Prevents information leak by use of management features such as chat log management, access restriction
  • Business use of smartphones and tablet devices
  • Strengthening communication with overseas by multi-language support

Achieve communication with immediacy

Achieve communication with immediacy

1One-on-one individual chat and group chat features

2File sharing

3Invitation to participate V-CUBE Meeting

4User search & user registration

Administrator features to enhance information security

User & Group Management

User & Group Management

User registration, deletion is done from the administrator's page. Administrator can manage who is connected and allowed to use this application.

IP Address Restriction

IP Address Restriction

If necessary, administrator can restrict accessible IP addresses. By restricting unauthorized access, service will be available in an environment with higher security.

Application Feature Setting

Application Feature Setting

If certain features are to be made unavailable, administrator can limit the access of features.

You can use the user management and security functions necessary for use within the enterprise.

Free as an individual chat tool

Individual use is also available for free without management features.
Download application below, submit registration, and start a chat now!

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