V-cube provides "urgent countermeasure solution" to the firefighting command system of the Haga wide area administrative office fire department headquarters (Tochigi prefecture)
Telecube Service
Installed a private room type smart work booth "Telecube" in Dai Nagoya Building, the first in the Tokai area
Telecube Service
Private room type smart work booth "Telecube" installed in large-scale complex "Haneda Innovation City“
Sensyn Robotics
Sensyn Robotics Completes Financing of About 2.2 Billion Yen
V-cube to provide “Telecube” to JR STATION WORK, a station share office where JR East will expand its base at Kawaguchi Station in July 2020

Awards granted to V-cube's services

  • "V-cube" selected as Best Service out of 3 finalists at the 10th Annual Cloud Ranking by Nikkei Computer (5th March 2015), under the General Information SaaS category
  • V-cube granted the winner of the Frost and Sullivan Japan Market Share Leadership Award for 5 Consecutive Years

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